Core Trax Tie Down System


Core Trax are a versatile track based tie-down system that recesses into the rivets on the floor of the Tuf Dek Liner. Constructed from aviation alloy with a low lying subtle design, Core-Trax are built to withstand the same impact and stress as what is applied to the Tuf Dek Liner. Using easily adjustable shackles the tie down points are able to be altered at 1-inch intervals along the 150mm or 900mm length variants of the track. Boasting a 250kg load rating the Core Trax Tie-Down System will keep everything constrained, safe and secure in the wellside of the vehicle.


• Low lying recessed design to fit into the Tuf Dek Liner.
• Aviation alloy construction.
• Adjustable tie-down point at 1-inch intervals.
• 150mm or 900mm track length variants.
• 250kg load rating.