Tuf Dek Liner


With 30 years of experience bringing the highest quality liner to the world, the Tuf Dek Liner gives renowned usability and protection to the wellside. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene the Tuf Dek Liner is virtually impossible to crack or break. Utilising the factory tie down points of the vehicle and compatible with the Core Trax tie down system and Tuf Lok partitioning system the Tuf Dek Liner features more functionality than the standard ute liner.


• Over rail and under rail design options fit both the Defender Hard Lid and Crown Canopy. Vehicle model dependent.
• Manufactured from high-density polyethylene for hard wearing protection.
• Unique Tail Gate Jam design. Vehicle model dependent.
• Utilises the factory tie down points.
• Built to fit the Core Trax Tie-Down System for advanced tie-down security.
• Built to fit the Tuf Lok Partitioning System to seperate fragile items.