Equipped with large dual lift up doors and an optional rear door to provide immediate access. The C-Body grants an all angle approach to a purpose built open plan interior, maximising accessibility.

The open plan design of the interior C-Body removes the restraints of multiple compartments. Providing storage for unconventional items that struggle for space in other models.

A combination of steel, aluminum and stainless steel construction results in a lightweight hybrid, capable of handling the New Zealand environment. Coupled with a low profile design, the C-Body is proven to reduce the drag and running costs of the vehicle.

The addition of heavy duty roof racks are optional, along with a heavy duty towbar and rear step system, while other accessories are offered in an extensive range.


• Large dual lift up doors and optional rear door.
• Open plan interior.
• Lightweight hybrid steel, aluminium and stainless steel construction.
• Optional roof racks and rear step tow bar.