Defender Alloy Hard Lid


Developed for security, storage and strength the Defender Hard Lid has been manufactured from hard-wearing checker plate aluminium. The construction guarantees durability and a stylish finish to complement your ute. A single pop-lock handle at the rear of the Defender locks both sides of the tray and provides efficient access to your gear, provided you have the key to unlock it. The Defender gives you the most access to your tray compared to any other lid on the market, with a huge 47° opening angle. Fixed with a wraparound rubber seal the Defender is guaranteed to be waterproof and ensure your gear stays dry and protected from the elements. Available to give your lid carrying capacity are optional Load Rails. With a powder coated black finish, these sleek rails are able to handle up to 50kgs, ideal for getting the most out of your Defender.

  • Hard-wearing aluminium checker plate construction.
  • Efficient pop-lock security handle.
  • Huge 47° opening angle.
  • Wrap around rubber seal guarantees waterproofing.
  • Optional Load Rails rated up to 50kg.