In 2014 Bernhard Leitner built the first Active Cargo System under the simple philosophy of "OVER ENGINEERED, OVER BUILT, TO CARRY YOUR WORLD".

At its core, Leitner is a company of genuine outdoor enthusiasts. They began their journey in the off-road and Overlanding circles, yet today they have a diverse culture of customers from hunters, fishermen, surfers, kayakers, motocross racers, to most all outdoor sport categories. Most of their core products, from the ACS Classic & Forged Rack Systems to our unique GearPODs, proudly bear the designation “Made in the USA”.  Leitner Designs remains committed to providing the highest quality of innovative products to help you Carry Your World.

Active Cargo System - Forged

The Leitner Designs ACS FORGED is the culmination of 5 years and hundreds of thousands of off-road miles of testing. Introduced in late 2019 the ACS Forged carries on the legendary durability, modularity and customizability of the original ACS Classic in a sleek new package.

HydroPOD ACS RACK Shower Kit

The All-New Leitner Designs HydroPOD is an in-line, rack mounted shower system that compliments Leitner's full product line of accessories. The HydroPOD tank can hold up to18 liters of potable water for all of your showering pleasures.

GearPOD - GEN 2

Easy access - While most truck toolboxes use up valuable space in your truck bed and are difficult to load and unload, the ACS integrated gear box is side-mounted. The side mounting allows quick and easy access to all your adventure gear while keeping it safe from the elements with an automotive-grade silicon seal.

GearPOD XL - GEN 2

The 2nd generation GearPOD XL is the culmination of continued R&D along with consumer feedback. This completely re-designed GearPOD XL has rich new features like a spring activated "Leitner Lid Lifter" for easy opening & closing, improved water resistant seal, and re-engineered brackets for maximum strength.

New Zealand based, we have become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of aftermarket accessories to suit the fleet, trade, off-road, and the around town driver.


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